Monday, December 22, 2008

and More Snow....

Well it seems maybe this will be it... for now. We ventured over to Magnolia to see the activity there. It snowed through the afternoon. Late that night we went for a walk, having expected all the snow to be over, but it started again. So now Day 4, I have studded tires being put on the car. Of course that means everything will immediately melt.

Day 3 and 4 of the Snow

Saturday, December 20, 2008

More snow during the night

Well, if it doesn't warm up in the morning, things will get really interesting. We went out tonight to walk around and it was pouring snow... in Seattle... at sea level. The fresh snow is covering a thick layer of ice underneath. Fun for all!

2008 Snow - The Night Patrol

Pumpkin Ravioli

This afternoon we finally made some fresh pasta for the first time: pumpkin ravioli. My new oxo rolling pin rulez! It made rolling dough into smooth thin sheets super easy. Maybe one day I will be ready to make a committment to a pasta maker, but for now I'll stick with with the basic tools. I didn't follow any particular recipe. The dough was regular egg dough (400 grams of flour, 4 eggs, salt), the stuffing was pumpkin, with some sage and parmesan. We ended up with 60 ravioli and froze 45 of them. The other 15 were cooked, served with cream sauce and some leftover prosciutto butter chicken. Check out the photos here:

Pumpkin Ravioli

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The snow has finally arrived.

A day late, but its here at last. We'll see how we get before it stops. Go convergence zone!

December Snow on Queen Anne, 2008