Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OK, OK - Its one thing to be lazy, but...

See we've essentially been back now longer than we were on a trip. It just doesn't feel like it. Hopefully we'll be going back and making notations of our trip memories soon, before they become forgotten memories. I've been able to geotag the first day of pictures. Its rather labor intensive, but fun. Kinda. It is rather amazing what you can remember by reviewing your steps with Google Earth.

And just so that its officially on the blog - the forgotten last day, day 10. A day I didn't have high expectations of, being a travel day essentially, but Nijo Castle during the daytime was very cool. I couldn't take pictures of the inside, but it had some of the most interesting and well preserved interiors of any ancient building we saw.

And let me tell you, Osaka's International Airport (KIX), is a MONSTER! The trip out to the airport was in the rain, but when you are taking a bridge out to an artificial island, and the land disappears from sight... well, that's a big island.

Japan - Day 10

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Пробный русскоязычный пост

Пробный пост, чтобы проверить, можно ли пользоваться кирилицей.